Turquoise Glitter Fade w/ Le Polish and Glam Polish

After all this time, finally a new post!

I couldn’t decide between a fresh, bright color for springtime and a cool, frosty color for the neverending winter we seem to be stuck in, so I ended up going for a nail art look that went for both. The base is Le Polish “Succulent Stargazer,” a creamy turquoise/mint with irregular silver flakies. I can never resist flakies like this, so I’m always pulling this shade out of my Helmer to wear.

Over “Succulent Stargazer,” I’m using Glam Polish “Wheeeeee!” as a topper. The base for this polish is just silvery holo particles in a clear base, so it works well on it’s own as well. For this look, I dabbed a bit on at the base of my nails, scraped all the polish off the brush, and then brushed down from my base to create an ombre effect. When I was satisfied that the holo was distributed properly, I went back and poked around in the bottle for some more fun glitter and added that. If there’s stars in the bottle, I’m sure as heck going to make sure there’s precisely one per each of my nails.

Personally, I love the idea of a glitter fade as a way of extending the life of my mani for a few more days (or a week…just slick on another layer of top coat and you’re good to go). Plus, now I get the joy of holo glitter as I sit under my fluorescent office lights. Who’s a pretty, pretty princess? Me!

For you enjoyment, I’ve taken the pictures in a couple of different lights, so you can see how the holo looks in different scenarios. I’ve tried to color correct as much as possible, but this is just one of those blue-green-mint-turquoise shades that truly does transform under different light conditions.

What’s your stance on a glitter face (or what would you call this look?)? Do you have a visceral reaction to star glitter? How about mini stars that don’t poke up all over the place? Do you live in a climate that hasn’t decided which season we’re in like me?


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