Game of Thrones-Inspired Nails w/ Don Deeva

You may be wondering- how is this Game of Thrones inspired? Well, in case you are a season or two behind, I promise to explain that down below after all of the photos, so it doesn’t spoil anything for you. So you can read the details of the mani up here, scroll through the photos, and then read (or avoid) the Game of Thrones nerd-out down at the bottom.

For this look, I started with several coats of Don Deeva “Lost in Chaos,” an electric green solar-change crelly with teeny glitters. Since the solar effect on my bottle didn’t work, I thought it would make for some eye-poppingly bright nail art.

There’s actually two layers of stamping in this look, though one is very subtle. In the background there’s some green smoke clouds using Dance Legend green stamping polish and and an image from the MoYou London Scandi-05 stamping plate. Over top of that, there’s some big Gothic windows from a plate that I’ve been dying to use- MoYou London Gothic-13. I used my usual black stamping polish, Painted Polish by Lexi “Midnight Mischief” for this design.



So now that we’re down here in the spoilers zone…can you guess what scene this was inspired by?

If you guessed the Season 6 finale, you’d be right! This is my take on the shocking explosion of the Great Sept of Baelor, as it is engulfed in an enormous cloud of wildfire (that’s what the little green cloud stamping in the background is doing there! And the mini glitters are like particles in the explosion!). When I watched this scene on screen, I about lost my dang mind. I was so stressed and worried about the characters and them BOOM! I went from thinking “oh no….you can’t just….” to “oh, they can. and they did just. Oh my gosh,” And then they went ever farther. It was rough watching that night. Needless to say, Season 7 has kept me on my stress toes, worried about just what they’re going to cook up next.

Despite me stress watching it, I was so dang excited to put together this look and to wear it around (since my nail art skills are not quite at White Walker level, this’ll have to do).

What do you think? Pictures for comparison below:


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