Pahlish “Tropical Island Treasure”

Oh my giddy aunt. THIS POLISH! This is Pahlish “Tropical Island Treasure,” (I’d abbreviate, but then I’d spend the whole post giggling) a minty blue-green color (depending on the light) with little gold flakies. The combination of creamy mint and delicate gold is so pretty. This is definitely looking like a go-to for this summer. 

pahlish tropical island treasure  

This is three coats with one layer of top coat. I will say that the wear on this is really fantastic. I am in the middle of a move this week and it has held up really well to all of my packing and box-wrangling. 

pahlish tropical island treasure

Tropical Island Treasure is part of Pahlish’s “Buccaneers and Buried Gold” collection. I bought this from her website, but you can also find Pahlish at stockists, including Llarowe


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