Elevation “Icho Namiki”

I’m back! There was no post on Monday (I spent the weekend moving and everything was bonkers), but now I’m back in the swing of things. Today I’ve got a neon yellow crelly from Elevation Polish’s recent “Streets of Japan” collection, “Icho Namiki.” In addition to the neon shade, this polish has charcoal-blue shifting flakies and a gold shimmer. The overall effect is surprisingly delicate for an in-your-face neon color. 

elevation icho namiki neon yellow  

When I bought this, I was all “oh my gosh- this is amazing! Why don’t I have any neon yellow polish?!” Ahhhhhh, yes, I remember now. Neon is a pain in the butt. This polish was thicker than I anticipated and kind of difficult to work with (not anywhere as bad as some neons are, just more challenging than I am used to with my beloved indies). It took three coats to get fully opaque and was pretty patchy before that. That’s just the price you pay for neon, I guess (grumble grumble I’m polish spoiled).

elevation icho namiki neon yellow 

All that being said, this polish is cool and unique. The neon really stands out on stormy summer days (you tan people will probably look great on the sunny days, but I’m pale and the could see work for me). It almost matches my neon rain jacket (which I was wearing when I took these pictures). 

Hankering for some neon in your life? You can pick this up from Elevation’s website for just $9.50. Elevation has great colors, good pricing, and really speedy shipping- I say go for it!


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