Pahlish “The Eternal Blue Sky”

Whenever Kublai Khan is done listening to other people’s advice and wants to remind people just who is the Khan of Khans, ruler of a really large chunk of the planet (some researchers estimate the Mongolian Empire at its peak covered 1/3 of Earth’s landmass), he invokes “the eternal blue sky of my grandfather, Genghis Khan, descended from the wolf.” Kind of an impressive lineage, and it is respected in the show. The idea of the eternal blue sky also has a bit of a sacred aspect in the show (and medieval Mongolian culture), since Mongolia is one of the sunniest places in the world, and so the great expanse of sunny blue sky is ever-watchful over the Khan’s people. 

Wearing Pahlish’s inspired take on “The Eternal Blue Sky” I also wish I lived in a place with endless sunny days. Look at that holo! Even in indirect light, this deep teal shade was throwing off major rainbows. 


You can see in the shady pictures that this beautiful color also has tiny flecks in there to give it more depth. The formula on this is really fantastic- it was almost a one coater for me. Two thin coats is all you’ll ever need. The viscosity is the same as “The Heavenly and Primal” (reviewed here), which is to say that it is neither thick nor thin, and extremely easy to work with. I was also impressed with how fast this dried- just a few minutes and I was ready to go!


Eternal Blue Sky” available now, along with the rest of the Adventures of Marco Polo collection, on Pahlish’s website. If you’d like to check out the rest of the collection, I’ve got a teaser post here, with more detailed posts on each individual polish throughout the week. 

Bonus: here’s some big set piece shots from the filming of “Marco Polo” to give you a sense of the big, eternal blue sky that everyone’s talking about. 



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