Pahlish “White Moon”

In the Netflix show “Marco Polo,” the White Moon Ceremony is this big tense moment. The Khan of Khans and is court are exposed while they carry out the ceremony, with a crowd of mysterious and potentially dangerous onlookers. Everyone is dressed in white robes, and the moon casts an otherworldly bluish glow on everything. There this amazing femme fatale moment (spoilers?). For me, this silver super-holo with silver flakies perfectly captures that moment in the TV show. The shade just glows off of your nails in any light, and the flakies add that mystery and depth. Between the silver of the solo base, and the rainbow of the flame, it illustrates the lineny-white of the robes and the blue of the moon. 


This is the least opaque of any polish in the whole collection (full collection teaser review here), but still pretty great for a silver holo. This is three thin coats, but I think two thicker coats would have been fine, especially if you’re using it as a base for some nail art. 

Here is “White Moon” in all of its glory in the shade:


Here are some stills from the the White Moon Ceremony on the show:

Can you see the inspiration?

White Moon” and the rest of the Adventures of Marco Polo collection are available on Pahlish’s website now, with restocks on Sundays. This is definitely a must-have collection!



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