Pahlish “Hundred Eyes”

Hundred Eyes is the cool-as-a-cucumber kung fu teacher/general life mentor to young, brash Marco Polo in the Netflix tv show. He is wise, but just a bit sassy, and always willing to smack Marco upside the head/arm/back/leg whenever he needs a bit of encouragement. He is also blind (hence the name Hundred Eyes, maybe?) and spends a lot of time in this training room that reminds me of the training room from the Matrix. I think the rich wood tones of that room might have had a hand in inspiring the deep mahogany tones in this amazing holo from Pahlish’s Adventures of Marco Polo collection. There’s even bronz shimmers in there that bring up the depth and wow factor just another notch. I don’t think I’ve ever felt myself as attracted to a brown polish as I have to to this. Looking toward autumn, I can see this getting a lot of wear as the leaves (and the temperatures!) come down.


The formula on this, like the other jewel-toned holos in this collection, is just impeccable. It is nearly a one-coater, and two thin coats more than covered it. I’ll bet you could use this for some killer seasonal nail art. Or a mixed-metallic look with gold/copper/bronze. For me, the formula of “Hundred Eyes” was just a hair thicker than any of the other polishes in the collection, but it didn’t cause me any problems.


The whole Adventures of Marco Polo collection in their full glory are available right now on Pahlish’s website. If you’d like to check out some of the other must-have shades in this collection, check out my teaser post here, and feel free to browse the individual detail posts for each polish.


Do you see the inspiration? What do you think of Hundred Eyes (the character or the polish)?

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