Pepper Pot Polish Autumn/Winter

Hello! How was everyone’s holiday week/end? I hope everyone got a chance to relax and maybe dig into a few of the many, many Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. I resisted….mostly….I swear. Pft. Okay. I made a giant list of sales and had it posted on my laptop this whole time…of course I couldn’t stay away from the sales.

For this fine Monday, I have a super fun surprise! I have a trio of shades from Pepper Pot Polish’s Autumn/Winter Collection. I discovered Pepper Pot just over a month ago when I wore the shimmery lavender shade “Rhymes & Misdemeanors.” One thing I noticed was the awesome shimmer formula. You know how you can have a go-to for certain finishes? So-and-so for your holos, another brand has your favorite glitters, jellies, and so on? Well, hang on to your hats, because Pepper Pot is going to steal your shimmer heart.

Feelin’ Nice

 “Feelin’ Nice” is a sexy bronze shimmer with a one-coat-and-done formula. No Joke. This polish either makes me feel like some sort of prowling jungle cat…or the ornamental gates of an ancient city (but hey, that’s just me!).


 “Glamazon” has the same shimmery metallic formula (and same one coat magic) as “Feelin’ Nice,” but in a sassy brick red shade. The shade and finish remind me of the shiny velvet of a “Sexy Mrs. Claus” outfit. I’m just saying…if you’re thinking about doing some Sexy Mrs. Claus.

Sweater Weather

 “Sweater Weather” has  more subdued creamy beige base with a reddish shimmer slinking around in it. It is a super glossy polish with an opaque creamy base- one coat will do, but you might decide to do two thin coats it you have longer nails.

Which was your favorite? The formulas on all three of these polishes really wowed me. I was really impressed with the honest-to-goodness one coat magic of Feelin’ Nice and Glamazon. Over the next few days, I’ll have individual posts up with more pictures and more details. Plus, I got really excited and did some nail art that I can’t wait to show you. (You can head over to my Instagram @llajax for some sneak peeks.)

You can find Pepper Pot Polish at their Etsy store, which also features handmade fragrance, cuticle oils, lip glosses, and eyeshadows. There’s even some really cute sets available if you’re trying to get holiday shopping taken care of!

*Press Samples* All opinions are my own!


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