Pepper Pot “Glamazon”

Good afternoon! Today I’ve got the first of three in-depth reviews of shades from Pepper Pot Polish’s Autumn/Winter Collection!

I am really excited to be working with Pepper Pot Polish: 1) because the polish is amazing and the formulas are really high-quality and 2) because the brand is from my home state of Washington and it really gives me the warm fuzzies to wear a polish that feels like a magical connection to home. I can’t see the Puget Sound or the Cascade Mountains or cheap as heck sushi conveyor belt restaurants more than once a year (t-minus three weeks! Woo!), but I can put a little piece of Washington on my nails.

Before I totally wax nostalgic for home, let me tell you a little about this polish. “Glamazon” is a spicy brick red with a shimmery metallic finish. As you can see, the tone of the red is nice as warm, even on my pale-as-it-gets skin. The color is light enough that it makes a good base for stamping with black or white (which I did because I couldn’t help myself- that post will be up in a few days). As you can see, the metallic finish does have a few streaks, but I found that the viscosity of the formula and the brush kept it from being a problem.

Here I used two very thin coats (for the sake of information-gathering, I almost always use an extra coat, just to see if it makes it look “better”), but honestly, you will only need the one. I often avoid purchasing metallic shimmers because I am disappointed by their opacity- I have several from other brands where I like the color, but just can’t convince myself to use something that needs three coats. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Pepper Pot’s one-coat metallic shimmer like “Glamazon” gives me hope and warms my cold heart to this finish again.

“Glamazon” might be my favorite from the Autumn/Winter trio that I have this week. All three formulas are fantastic, but the spicy red color and versatility for nail really get me. You can find “Glamazon” and other Pepper Pot shades on their Etsy store. In addition to nail polish, Pepper Pot also has fragrances, cuticle oils, lip glosses, and eyeshadows.

Bonus: until December 18th, every $50+ order will get an awesome free gift! The gift is “Feeling Naughty,” a sparkly chocolateley red polish (think chocolate covered maraschino cherries) and a cabernet-colored deep plum lip gloss with a hit of sparkle. Both are wrapped up in an organza bag (great for gifting…or keeping. I’m generally a big fan of keeping).


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